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Fall 2020

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Lesson 15

Presentations & Evaluations

Course Review:


Present your works for final exam:
Website Specification: Business intro, goals, audience, mood board, keywords etc.
Website: Export the to file with help of All in One Migration Plugin

Have happy holidays and a great 2021!

Submitting finals

What: Website migration file exported with All-in-One Migration plugin. The file should be up to 300 mb!!!

Where: Please upload your projects to this folder in Google Drive:

How: Open your group's folder, create a folder with your FULL NAME and place the file inside.

Good luck!.

Lessons 13 - 14

Improving Performance and Security of your Website

Handouts for these lessons:


Work on your final projects. Get ready for the review next week.

Midterm Project Reviews

(Students that didn't receive feedback yet)




The videos will be available for one week and will be removed afterwards

Lesson 11

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics

Handouts for this lesson:

Assignment for the next class:

Basic Keyword Strategy: Choose 10 keywords that you are going to target on your website. Create a strategy: where would you put these keywords (domain/title of the website/titles of dedicated pages/images/categories etc.)
On-Site optimization: setup Yoast SEO plugin and use it to optimize your website.
Image optimization: optimize images both on your portfolio and final project websites.

Lesson 9

Migrating/publishing your website. Midterm projects presentations.

Handouts for this lesson:

Midterm Presentation:

Get ready to present: export your website in a file with All-in-One WP Migration plugin.

Assignment for the next class:

Get ready for the next project:
1: Make teams of 2 students.
2: Choose a real business to make website for. It can be a local business in Florence or a business of your family/friends. They should have a very old website that requires improvement or no website at all.

Lesson 9

Creating contact forms. Project reviews and work in class

Handouts for this lesson:

Assignment for the next class:

Work on midterm projects.

Lesson 10 Mid term project reviews

Handouts for this lesson:

Suggested team project for your finals:

U.S.D. Rignanese


  • Real-life project that will be published in future
  • Collaborate as a team on teacher's hosting
  • Additional guidance and help
  • Possibility of a short internship (in January) to complete the project

Download Final Projects guide:


Assignment for the next class:

Work on your final project presentation including all required contents.

Lessons 6

Gutenberg Block Editor and Classic Editor

Handouts for this lesson:

Assignment for the next class:

Create a page for one of your portfolio projects. Use block editor and Twenty Twenty Theme. Try using images, galleries, layout blocks etc.

Lessons 4 & 5

Working with WordPress themes: customization, menus etc.

Handouts for this lesson:

Assignment for the next class:

Browse WP Themes directory and find a theme for your portfolio. Use WP Customizer and/or dedicated sections in WP admin panel to Set up all website information including site identity, logo, menus and widgets

Create categories and tags for your portfolio projects.


Lesson 3

Creating and managing contents with WordPress. Part 1.

Handouts for this lesson:

Assignment for the next class:

Create one more local WordPress installation: this will be your Mid-Term personal portfolio project.

Try out the following in our class example website:

  1. Create, edit and publish pages
  2. Try uploading images and managing their contents (captions, descriptions, alt text etc.), preview attachment posts
  3. Create, edit and publish posts
  4. Create post categories and tags and assign them to posts
  5. Try to add uploaded media files to your posts and pages

Lesson 2

Local Web Server setup and WordPress installation.

Assignment for the next class:

1. Gather materials for your portfolio: images of works, descriptions of projects, wprk in progress images and sketches etc., bio and/or CV

2. From now on, don’t forget to bring your laptops in class for every lesson

Lesson 1

Course Introduction & Basic World Wide Web concepts and terminology 
Some info for you to get started:

Assignment for the next class:

1. Get ready for the quiz on today’s materials
2. Bring your laptops in class

Course Projects:

Independent projects
Subject: personal portfolio
Deadline: 8th week of the semester (normally)
Final Project:
Group projects (2/3 students max)
Subject: creating/redesigning websites for local businesses
Deadline: 14th and 15th weeks of the semester (normally)

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