Web Design Persona Survey

In order to provide better experience designer needs to understand end users, their similarities and diversities.

To do that we make a research with the help of survey or interviews and summarize the results with the help of personas.

Please contribute to the class by filling out the following form:

General Information:
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Professional interests
How and why did you start studying design?*
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Where do you see yourself in 5 years (as professional)?*
Studies in Florence
Why have you chosen Florence, Italy and not any other country/city?*
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How have you learned about the school?1*
What is more important for you: design studies or your experience of living in Florence? *
If you would be able to live in Florence without doing any studies, would you still choose to study design? *
What would you prefer a multi-cultural environment or a full-immersion in Italian culture? *
What is the goal of your studies?*
How do you define progress or success in your studies?*
How do you measure progress or success?*
 Domain Knowledge
What skills are required to successfully study in this school?*
How do you stay up to date with class materials, schedule changes, assignments etc.? *
What kinds of people can succeed in your studies? Why?*
What kinds of people will have more challenges in your studies? Why?*
Attitudes and Motivations
What are the most enjoyable aspects of your studies?*
What is your motivation to succeed in the studies?*
What is the most enjoyable parts of your life experience in Florence? *
Interests and lifestyle
List top 5 of your interests:*
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School’s Current Website
Have you ever visited school’s website? *
How much time ago have you visited the website? *
How have you got to the school’s website for the first time? *
How often have you visited the website before coming to Florence?*
How often do you visit the website now? *
What is the most important information provided by the website? *
What information would you like to find on the website (that is missing now)? *
How the website is helping (or may help) you achieving professional goals? *
General Online Behavior
How do you usually find information online?
When traveling, do you rely on an agency or organize the trip by yourself? *
Do you rely on online reviews of products/services? *
What type of content is more convincing: images and videos or textual description?*
Would you rely more on a suggestion of your friend or on your own online research? *
How often do you use social networks? *
List social networks you frequently use:*
Would you prefer a website with lots of features to choose from, but slightly complex layout or simple layout with limited number of features? *
Which device do you use most to surf the web: *
What is your favorite browser?*
If there would be a mobile application with the same information as on the school’s website, would you prefer installing it or you’d rather continue using the website?
Tools and Technology
What traditional (i.e. analogue) tools do you use to accomplish tasks in your studies?*
What digital tools do you use to accomplish tasks in your studies?*
Where do any of your tools fall short? (What do you need them to do that they don’t do or don’t do well?)*
Pain Points
What are the most difficult, challenging, annoying or frustrating aspects of your studies?*
After a typical day in school, what about your studies (if anything) is still on your mind? (In other words, what issues keep you up at night?) *
What was the biggest difficulty in getting to study in Florence? *
What is the biggest challenge in your study abroad experience? *
Relationships and Organizational Structure
Besides teachers and students, who else do you interact with during your studies?*
How often do you collaborate with others?*
How do you collaborate?*
What do you prefer: working independetly or in a group? *
Wrapping Up
If you could build an ideal web experience for students, what would it be?*
Have I missed anything? Any personal suggestions? Questions? *